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Great Content is the #1 Key to Growth

Gold chain with 4 old-fashioned skeleton keys

Where do you start with your blog, website, or other content to grow your business? With your audience, of course! What does your audience want and need? How can you provide real value for them? When you answer these questions, you have a guide for growth.

What’s the best way to find out what your audience craves? Study them. Go where they go, read what they read, do what they do. Put yourself in their shoes and look at the world. By all means, talk to them–and take good notes, not only of the ideas but also the words they choose.

As we say at CreativeJ, your words make magic! The key ingredient to making magic with words is knowing how they need to land. When you know your customer/client inside and out, you know what they need and can deliver it in exactly the right package. Yes, you can follow your people around online and learn a lot by observing, but there’s no substitute for engaging directly with them, either in real-time conversations or digital interactions.

Whet your audience’s appetite for more of your products and services by giving them a taste of the solution to their problems and building your credibility as the go-to problem solver. Whether you create a blog, post to social platforms, send emails, or use other avenues of connecting with your customers/clients, you can make sure you’re giving real value, not just cluttering the page with empty words. Invite your audience to engage with your content and give you feedback. Are you hitting the mark and giving them action plans? Making them eager to read more and take the next step with you? Or are your emails going unopened and your posts going unliked?

When you know what your audience wants and deliver it, they will naturally point others to your literal or digital doorstep. The key to expanding your audience is delivering content that connects and creates cravings for more. If you don’t know how to start, reach out to us, and CreativeJ Coaching, LLC can help you understand your audience and share useful content that converts passive bystanders into active consumers and evangelizers.

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