What's in my Word Garden? (sit tight ... blooming soon)

Write With Me

I will be a co-host for several days of Hagstone Publishing's 30-Day Plant Spirit Ally Challenge in May. Join me daily starting May 1 for musings, mini stories, and more as I get some nature on me and attempt to grow something besides mold!

Peek Into My Brain

I'll share rough drafts, half-baked ideas, and soulful questions that are occupying my thoughts and dreams. As we near June and July, look for sneak peeks into the RPG scenarios my gaming group (WAG) will be running at Origins Game Fair (June 12-16, Columbus, OH) and GenCon (August 1-4, Indianapolis, IN). 

Work With Me

I offer 1:1 coaching packages, special VIP days, and small group workshops using writing and other creative tools to map action plans and write success stories. I am also available for writing projects and writing coaching.

Contact me to schedule a conversation.

Clients' Testimonials

I generally work with mid-career professionals making a major shift in job, relationship, or both. Here's what they say about working with me! 

FAQs, Tips & Tools (coming soon)

These are the top FAQs I field as well as some of my go-to tips and tools for writing, reading, relationships, and life.