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The Word Garden's Guiding Values



The word garden is a safe space for all, seeded with mutual respect and watered with empathy and patience. 



Opportunity comes in many beautiful colors and shapes. By taking time to step back and reflect, we cultivate new paths forward and support each other through the shifts.



Playful purpose and childlike wonder ignite our creative capacities. Creators of all kinds seek meaning and connection, and we invite fellow creators to our exploratorium.



Our core self evolves with each new beam of light. We can take an active role in shaping who we are by observing our world and responding mindfully and intentionally to our experiences. Challenges can be rich fertilizer for abundant growth. We are the rainbow.



We celebrate the differences that give us such a rich garden, and we learn from each other with curiosity and compassion. We receive each other's stories knowing that listening is a powerful tool for watering the gardens.

Life Stories


Our stories have deep roots into the past, even before we were born. Each step we take plants seeds -- some grow, some wither, some blow away. Through writing, we see and appreciate the full cycle from planting to pruning to preserving the memories.

From Seeds to Stories

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